Lallemand Plant Care announced two product line extensions to its USA Soybean Inoculant Portfolio. A new enhanced formulation of the premium, dual-action liquid soybean inoculant BioBoost+ will receive a full market launch for the 2014/15 season as well as its first ever granular product.

BioBoost+ Soybean Enhanced Formulation contains the same dual-action components of the original BioBoost+, all in one ready to use package. The combination of a high performing Bradyrhizobium and the patented plant growth promoting rhizobacteria, Delftia acidovorans has proven itself to be a performance leader in the USA soybean inoculant market over a number of years. Improvements have been made to the formulation to boost titres and significantly improve the compatibility of the product with leading seed treatments. The higher titres results in a lower application rate (2.4 ounces/cwt) which custom seed-treaters and growers will appreciate. The formulation improvements have also resulted in enhanced on-seed life for more flexibility in treating and planting timing with a 30 day planting window., As always, for best results plant as soon as possible after treating.

BYSI-N (Bison) Soybean Granular will be test marketed in the USA in 2014/15. BYSI-N Granular is a peat-based granule using the same proven high-performance strain of Bradyrhizobium japonicum in BYSI-N Soybean Liquid. The 2014/15 season will give retailers and growers an opportunity to gain experience with the product with a full market launch of this formulation expected for the 2015/16 season.

“Once again Lallemand is demonstrating its commitment to building a strong global plant care business with the launch of these two product line extensions this season,” says Vince Myerly, general manager, Lallemand Plant Care, North America. “We look forward to continuing to bring new and innovative Plant Care products that bring value to growers.”

Lallemand Inc. is a privately-held Canadian company specializing in yeast, bacterial and yeast derivative products for a wide range of applications, including baking, oenology, animal nutrition and bio-ingredients. For the past eight years, Lallemand has operated a plant care business based on a portfolio of biofungicides, biostimulants and biofertilizer products for the agricultural, horticultural and forestry markets, developed by its Finnish and French subsidiaries Verdera Oy and Lallemand Plant Care SAS (formerly Ithec).