Kuban Agro, a part of Russia’s largest industrial diversified holding Basic Element, and Maïsadour Semences, a leader in seed hybrids production in Europe, signed a letter of intent to launch a joint partnership in the seed business. The plan is to merge scientific selection in the field of corn, sunflower and rape, as well as to assemble their production assets in Russia, for the future positioning on the market and distribution.

Kuban Agro and Maïsadour Semences are planning to start a global partnership in 2017. Before that, the two companies will exchange their skills in the field of corn selection, corn growing technology and preparation for distribution. A plan on collaborative selection of sunflower will also be elaborated by the two sides.

In the spring 2016, Kuban Agro is planning to grow parental lines of corn and sunflower, furnished by Maïsadour Semences on trial fields, as well as on tilled areas appropriate for irrigation. The seeds to be cultivated should be prepared for future sowing on the “Ladozhskiy corn-calibration plant.” In the summer of 2016, the plan is to analyze the genetics of selective achievements in the seed-plots of both companies’ cross breeding and make choices of the appropriate corn and sunflower lines per the actual market demands.

If all intended actions are successfully realized, the companies will collaborate on a new brand for new marketing in the three upcoming years.

Additionally, Kuban Agro is considering the possibility of launching the hybrids of Maïsadour Semences, using its own brand Ladozhskie in the Russian Federation territory.

Ulanov Anton, general director of Kuban Agro, said, “Kuban Agro has produced 19 area-specific hybrids of corn seeds during seven years, and we continue to extend the line we already have. Our holding has a well-functioning structure of seed’s realization on the whole territory of the Russian Federation. The sunflower selection is also in our plans. The present agreement brings for our holding an opportunity for the future promotion of our products on the seed market, as well as the reinforcement of scientific elaborations.”

Regis Fournier, general director of Maïsadour Semences, said, “Maïsadour Semences has been working in Russia since 2000. From 2008, we have invested in Maïsadour Semences Kuban, developing our activities with over 33 varieties of corn and 22 varieties of sunflower and developing our sales of quality seeds adapted to the needs and conditions of Russian agriculture. With six factories in Europe and 2.5 million bags produced annually, Maïsadour Semences has a large experience of seed production for the last 60 years. The new agreement is an opportunity to build modern production facilities in order to supply our local needs but also to develop a new market.”

Kuban Agro (www.ahkuban.ru) is one of the biggest companies in the agricultural sector in Russia. It is a part of the diversified industrial group Basic Element. The main activities of the company are: animal industry, seed production, sugar production, grain processing and storage and seed production. Kuban Agro consists of 11 commercial dairy farms, a meat-processing complex, a pig-breeding farm, grain elevators, factories for seeds production and processing, Svoboda sugar factory and Voskhod stud farm. There are 5,000 people working in Kuban Agro.

Maïsadour Semences (http://www.Maïsadour-semences.fr/ru/) is a European leader in production of the main crops seeds hybrids. The range of grain and fodder corn seeds (silage corn, alfalfa, fodder and premixes for silage quality improvement) and oilseeds (sunflower and rape), which the company produces, includes 250 hybrids. Production areas managed by the company include 20,000 hectares of corn and oilseeds, located in four countries (France, Ukraine, Spain and Hungary). Maïsadour Semences is the affiliate company of cooperative Maïsadour group, the largest economic entity in southwestern France in the market of agricultural and agro-industrial production, with 5700 employees.