Koch Nitrogen Company, LLC has completed enhancements to its facility in Enid. The project provides an additional estimated 140,000 short tons per year of urea to the market place and significantly enhances the plant's rail load out capability.

More than 600 craftsmen, engineers and support personnel were contracted to complete the project. Improvements included replacement and modification of equipment and production process re-configuration allowing for increased ammonia and CO2 throughput ultimately increasing urea fertilizer output.

Koch Nitrogen purchased the Enid plant in 2003.

"We are grateful to Koch Nitrogen for its commitment to quality at its Enid facility," said Eric Benson, Enid city manager. "This investment is good for the local community and our economy, and these upgrades provide a positive measure of the company's long-term viability."

"The work we've done will allow us to better meet the fertilizer demands of farmers in the area and the region," said Enid plant manager Ken Dayton. "We are pleased to be able to better serve our customers and increase our ability to upgrade ammonia and CO2 to urea to meet market demand."

SOURCE: Koch Industries, Inc.