SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI - In this series, Off the Cob speaks with grower leaders about harvest on their own farms. National Corn Growers Association Corn Board Member Jon Holzfaster of Nebraska talks about harvest thus far and provides insight into how it affects livestock, ethanol and 2011.

While many farmers in eastern Nebraska dealt with wet planting and dry growing conditions, Holzfaster notes that in the western half of the state, including his farm in Paxton, growing conditions were significantly better. On average, he predicts that yields across Nebraska will normal, avoiding the drops of other areas.

Holzfaster, who is familiar with both the ethanol and livestock industries, points out the two groups work well together. Noting that understanding how the two groups utilize corn in different yet complimentary manners is key, he does not see the industries in competition for corn as proposed in the feed versus fuel debates.

Holzfaster also provides insight into factors that could influence market conditions in 2011, market projections and his own harvest. For the full interview, click here.

On Monday, the USDA reported that 91 percent of our nation's corn crop has been harvested as of Oct. 31. The five-year average for completion this time of year is 61 percent and last year, only 24 percent of the corn crop had been harvested by the end of October.

SOURCE: National Corn Growers Association