John Deere AMS announces a partnership with a leading agricultural accounting software company, AgriSolutions, which will enhance the newly updated JDOffice 1.4 desktop software.

"This is a significant partnership that will allow us to offer a plug-in to AgManager software," says Gordon Culp, marketing manager, John Deere Ag Management Solutions. "Users of JDOffice 1.4 will be able to integrate with the AgManager accounting software and simplify data input in a seamless connection with AgManager."

In addition to the new accounting plug-in, John Deere will provide the AgManager Plug-In and the QuickBooks Pro Plug-in free to all customers. The accounting plug-ins will be located on every JDOffice 1.4 CD. The AgManager and QuickBooks Pro accounting systems are available from AgriSolutions and Intuit for an additional fee.

Source: Company Release