Jackson-Jennings Co-op and FarmLink announced a new agreement that offers co-op members access to TrueHarvest, the yield benchmarking tool that helps farmers pinpoint opportunities to improve yields and profitability.

“We are excited to partner with Jackson-Jennings Co-op in offering TrueHarvest,” said Jeff Dema, President of Grower Services for FarmLink. “Now more than ever, farmers across Southeastern Indiana are hunting for profitability on every acre. With TrueHarvest benchmarking, agronomists and farmers can pinpoint where there is opportunity for yield improvement to help make investment decisions and evaluate input effectiveness.”

Using the 2014 TrueHarvest benchmark, FarmLink identified an additional $175 million in revenue available to farmers in the counties across Indiana.

“Benchmarking is a critical new tool for our account managers’ toolboxes,” said Ron Sibert, CEO and General Manager for Jackson-Jennings. “TrueHarvest by FarmLink offers independent data that allows our account managers, in partnership with our farmer members, to measure their land’s performance and make decisions for the next growing season. We look forward to using this new tool with our farmers.”

Jackson-Jennings members interested in using TrueHarvest to measure their land’s performance and make decisions for future growing seasons should contact their account manager. Learn more about FarmLink and TrueHarvest at www.FarmLink.com.