Itronics Inc. (ITRO) reported today that its subsidiary, Itronics Metallurgical, Inc., has installed a new photochemical silver concentrator and a new silver filtration system as part of a major expansion in silver production capacity at its GOLD'n GRO liquid fertilizer manufacturing plant in Reno, Nevada. The Company's silver production capacity is being increased from about 20,000 troy ounces to 60,000 troy ounces annually. Silver currently sells for approximately $9 per troy ounce.

"This increase in photochemical processing and silver recovery capacity is necessary to support expanding sales of GOLD'n GRO chelated liquid multinutrient fertilizers," said Dr. John Whitney, Itronics President.

The new photochemical silver concentrator doubles the plant's capacity to produce photochemical silver concentrate and distilled water for use in GOLD'n GRO liquid fertilizer manufacturing. The new filtration system replaces the existing system and provides a minimum 5 times increase in silver filtration capacity. An additional melting furnace is being purchased and is expected to be installed in early February. Filter cake drying capacity is also being increased. All of these changes are expected to be completed by mid-February.

"Incremental expansion of the Reno manufacturing plant is being done as part of the implementation of our eight part growth strategy which we summarized in a press release on June 3, 2005. Capital cost for the expansion is budgeted at $120,000 and the funds are being provided by the financing announced in July, 2005," said Dr. Whitney. "Growth in silver sales is driven by the on-going growth in GOLD'n GRO liquid fertilizer sales, which are expected to significantly increase in 2006."

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Source: Itronics Inc.