Iteris, Inc., a leader in providing intelligent traffic management and weather information solutions, has entered into an agreement with AgRenaissance Software LLC to integrate Iteris' ClearAg Select high-resolution, field-level weather information into AgRenaissance's FieldX suite of software for agricultural producers, agronomists and applicators.

Iteris' ClearAg solution provides agribusinesses with actionable field-level weather and soil information needed for the data-driven decision making required for efficient crop management, resource allocation, and risk reduction and mitigation. ClearAg is a series of application programming interfaces (API's) and mobile application products that can be readily integrated with third-party agricultural software applications like FieldX from AgRenaissance. FieldX is an easy-to-use, record-keeping tool for agricultural producers, agronomists and applicators. The FieldX suite includes PC software, an iPad app, and a cloud-based data storage system.

"Through the integration of ClearAg field-level weather technology, we believe AgRenaissance customers will be able to make accurate, real-time decisions around scouting and other field operations," said Tom Blair, senior vice president of iPerform at Iteris. "We are committed to providing our partners and customers with high-resolution, field-level weather, soil and crop analytics that drive productivity and enhanced value. Our agreement with AgRenaissance and other customers confirms the value proposition of our ClearAg product offering, as well as our strategy to unlock the true potential of our Big Data analytics capabilities for precision ag applications."

"We look forward to integrating Iteris' ClearAg Select solution into our FieldX suite of precision ag tools," said David Krueger, president and CEO of AgRenaissance. "We see great value in providing our customers timely and accurate precision weather information to help them enhance crop management decisions, crop production planning, and record-keeping."