A new study from Entira, "Inside the Mega Dairy: Management Strategy and Decision-Making Structure," will reveal how top managers in this important segment of the agricultural market think and operate.

"Fewer than 1,300 large dairy operations produce about one-third of the milk in the U.S.," according to Joy Parr Drach, senior partner of Entira and a principal author of the study. "That means these businesses are huge purchasers of feed, seed, veterinary supplies and services, equipment, financial services and other farm inputs. Focusing on this small but influential group is a powerful way for agribusiness to increase sales."

The study will provide new perspectives on how to approach and capitalize on this market, Parr Drach said. "Owners of mega-dairies have very different business viewpoints than traditional, smaller dairy farmers," Parr Drach says. "To be effective in this market, it's important to know what mega-dairies need, how they buy, who makes the buying decisions and how they evaluate suppliers."

Funding for "Inside the Mega Dairy" will come from a consortium of agribusiness participants formed specifically for this project. Those who enroll by June 10, 2005, will have the opportunity to tailor the study to their specific interests. The study will be completed by October 2005.

A study prospectus with full details is available at www.megadairy.com.

Source: PRNewswire