Want to be an agricultural employer of which employees are consistently talking about with their friends and family? How can you accomplish this? The answer focuses on trust. When we first meet people we instantly begin to form a first impression, by judging their intentions. We are subconsciously forming an opinion of the person in several ways, including their trustworthiness.

The Importance of Trust

Trust becomes a central part of a work relationship. We may think it is important for the employer to have trust in the employee but it is as critical and essential that the employee also trusts the employer. The employee considers the employer a leader; however, if the follower (i.e. employee) cannot trust the leader the results are feelings and actions such as uneasiness, worry, and lack of focus.

As the employer, whether it is either with new or long-term employees you must continue to strive for an environment of comfort and transparency in your daily working relationship around the farm, ranch or agri-business. This is especially important however with new employees as they have had limited time working around you, to see you in action. As a leader, your actions speak louder than words to your followers. Therefore, building a level of trust with new employees is essential, albeit more time consuming. Take the time to let new employees to get to know you. Make sure you clearly manifest back that you want to understand them, and their questions or concerns. Demonstrate you value them by taking extra time to visit about how they feel about their responsibilities and roles, and even go further asking about their interests, hobbies etc., This is a big step in their eyes of building trust in you.

Building a Solid Foundation

In essence, to become a trustworthy employer, your goal is to be believable and authentic. These qualities create credibility. Consider the example of building a house. Every house needs a solid foundation. But when you build a house you also need sturdy walls, quality windows, a strong roof, and well-placed doors for access. Yet, without that solid foundation to begin with the house will crumble.

As an agricultural employer, the solid foundation of your house is your representation of trust. Being someone your employees know that they can trust, that believes in them, and that will be true to his/her word. If that is you — as an agricultural employer — you will be the talk of the community or county, in a way that you will be proud to hear back about.