Change – we fight it, we embrace it, we curse it, and we praise it. Fortunately and unfortunately, it’s a part of our everyday evolving lives. Like it or not, here it comes.

As you may have noticed, Vance Publishing recently launched a new website design for its agriculture publications. Drovers CattleNetwork, Pork Network, Dairy Herd Management, Bovine Vet Online and Ag Professional, sister publications working to serve and keep current to bright minds of agriculture, all received a face lift to help make the latest ag news more available to our readers – especially those on the go.

There is a common phenomenon that happens amongst members of the Mushrush family, and I would dare to bet that it happens in the majority of households across this great country.  

Scenario: Open a desk kit with a million pieces, dump out everything from the box in a pile, except for the directions, and proceed to put the desk together. After a lengthy amount of time and some frustrated grunts, it’s finally time to step back to admire the finished product only to notice a shelf is set in backwards and there is an excessive amount of screws leftover.

For those of you who visited the new websites and paid attention to the intro screen, you received a minor crash course in where to find the information you are looking for. For those of you who proceeded to continue to the website sans intro page, here are a few tips and tricks to flip your shelf and set the remaining screws.


We’re excited about the sleek design and photo friendly format. As you scroll down the homepage, new stories will pop up. Also, if you minimize the screen, the webpage will automatically format down to the size of the screen. These features will be very user friendly for our mobile phone and tablet users.

Login for My Profile

Towards the top right of the screen, there is a login in icon. Once you create an account, you can update your subscription information, comment on articles, create a connection to your social media accounts, add your website and set a short bio about yourself. You can share as much or as little information about yourself as you are comfortable with.

Menu bar

Located at the top left of the page next to the publication logo, this is your lifeline to finding specified news on the websites. Simply click the + sign next to the desired topic and a drop down of itemized news topics will appear.

Search bar

To the right of the logo, a magnifying glass icon sits. Click on it and the search bar appears. Here you can search specific authors, topics and articles.

Social media

Read an article you would like to share with your social media pals? Now it’s easier than ever. At the top of each article is a row of social media icons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and email. Simply click the icon and the article link will attach to your desired outlet.

We understand change is hard, and often times unwelcomed. But let’s face it, if we keep the, “that’s the way Grandpa did it,” attitude, there would be no room for progress and keeping up with evolving technology. So here’s my challenge to you: Take the new website design for a spin and come back in a week and let us know what you think. At the bottom right of your screen is a feedback form, or you can comment on the article below once you get a profile set up. Also, with the transitioning over to the new platform, we understand there are a few kinks and bugs to workout. If you come across anything, let us know and our web team will tackle it, if they aren’t already in the process of fixing it.

Happy surfing.