Variable-rate fertilizer is about to get easier for some farmers to adopt, based on the Sirrus, SST Software’s in-field management tool. The company says it offers mobility for farmers in the decision-making process.

“Our mission is to provide decision support tools that help farmers achieve long-term sustainability,” says Matt Waits, CEO of SST Software. “SST’s system gives service providers the tools necessary to put variable rate fertilizer into practice with growers. Variable rate fertilizer assists our customers in being better nutrient stewards, navigating the down economy and helping farmers be more profitable than when using traditional methods.”

Sirrus offers a premium upgrade that allows service providers to implement variable rate fertilizer application. After using SST’s FarmRite for automated batch nutrient recommendation processing, Summit automatically generates product recommendations based on the service provider’s agronomic equations. Service providers can then edit variable rate application fertilizer recommendations in Sirrus Premium using their agronomic logic.

Sirrus Premium’s advanced recommendation editor allows service providers to make adjustments in the field or while meeting with a grower. Users can edit fertilizer application values by rate, cost or total product. Sirrus automatically credits rates based on previous or flat rate applications. After a product is selected, labels and SDS are readily available to ensure proper safety and product application.

“Variable rate application technology is complex,” says Drew McMahon, Product Manager for Sirrus. “But, Sirrus Premium makes it easy. It enables our customers to make better management decisions using quality data and their own logic.”

SST Software has developed enterprise-level geospatial software and applications for more than 20 years. As an agX Compliant company, SST Software offers standardized field data to increase the quality of data collected. Data can be shared securely with other agX users and applications to increase efficiency, value and collaboration.