A tiny fertilizer pill—placed next to the seed at planting–could be a huge step in the high tech evolution in agriculture.

The pill would contain only the amount of fertilizer needed to get the plant through the growing season. It is smart enough to release the nutrients only when the plant says it needs it.

Pie in the sky? Hardly.

Canadian researchers are working on the nutrient pill now, and say it offers huge benefits for agriculture, the environment and a ballooning world population.

Studies show nitrogen efficiency in crops ranges from 30 to 50 percent. Much is lost through leaching or the atmosphere. The researchers believe intelligent fertilizer will allow farmers to increase nitrogen efficiency up to 85 percent.

Farmers will be happy. Environmentalists will be happy. And the world benefits as this “less is more technology” evolves to pest prevention or plant diseases.

A Rx for agriculture? What will they think of next!