Here's how three retailers harness the benefits of social media in their respective businesses:


Tim Terras
Fargo, N.D.
Senior Certified General Appraiser, AgCountry Farm Credit Services

“I use social media in my work and also in the ASFMRA. Personally, I like Twitter the best to learn more about current topics that are affecting agriculture. I use Facebook, although I don’t like the propaganda on it and feel that I have less control over what topics or people with whom I want to interact. With Twitter, I feel I have more control on what kind of information I want to receive. I used Twitter with the North Dakota ASFMRA but felt like the demographics of that group (primarily above the age of 50) used Facebook more than Twitter.”


Jeffrey Hignight
Jonesboro, Ark.

AFM, Glaub Farm Management, Vice
Chair ASFMRA Young Professional Network

“We use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. We also blog on our website. Social media is a way that we can not only distribute information that will be relevant to potential customers, clients and influencers but a passive way to brand who we are and what we do. We try to provide newsworthy and relevant information for landowners and use it as a way to keep up on what others are doing in our area. Hopefully when they need a service in the future, they think of us. We also do real estate sales, and Facebook is a good way to market those properties.”


Isaac Ferrie
Heyworth, Ill.
Agronomist and Research Director,
Crop-Tech Consulting Inc.

“We started with Facebook and a website mainly for a presence and contact information. But in the last two and a half years, we have introduced more content. For example, we post about new apps that we use and videos
on how to use them. This cuts down on a lot of
the questions we would otherwise receive. It worked so well we started doing the same thing on the agronomy side. We started creating a weekly podcast addressing concerns we and/or our customers might have on certain things happening out in the field. It helped minimize our time on the phone.”