After multiple battles with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) during the Obama administration, farm country is cautiously optimistic President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to lead the agency will be friendly to agriculture.

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt faced the Environment and Public Works committee on Wednesday.

Senators from both sides of the aisle spent multiple hours grilling Pruitt on his stance regarding the environment, role of the EPA, and how he would lead the agency given his past record of fighting the agency’s rules and mandates.

“Clearly the mission of the EPA is to protect our natural resources, protecting our water quality, improving our air, helping protect the health and welfare of our citizens is key to the leadership of the EPA,” said Pruitt.

Part of his belief is giving states power to make environmental decisions and supporting those decisions from the federal level.

Pruitt was also pressed on the Renewable Fuels Standard. He responded the role of the EPA administration is to carry out RFS as intended by Congress.