West Hills Community College is offering their Advanced Precision Farming course geared for industry professionals. Most of the course is in on-line condensed format and students will also attend hands-on labs from three date ranges to choose from. .

The course will be taught by Terry Brase, new to West Hills College but with 20+ years of experience in teaching precision ag. 

“This will be a course for that person that knows a little about precision farming, just enough to be dangerous.This will be a step up to make it useful,” he says.  

Anticipated topics include precision ag software, guidance systems, wiring harness troubleshooting, telemetry, control systems, tractor based displays/monitor and the use of unmanned aerial imaging systems (drones). 

The weekend laboratories will meet on the college farm and include activities such as the installation and calibration of an auto steer guidance device, mapping and collecting field data, building and repairing a harness cable, and capturing orchard images with a drone.

“The hands-on activities is an important part of the class. Any precision farming course has to include practical and real world experience with technology. These full day labs allow us to do that” says Brase.

The lecture part of the course will be offered online from November 14, 2016 to December 16, 2016 with the hands-on lab part to be offered on three weekends: Nov 19-20; Dec 3-4; and Dec 10-11 at West Hills College in Coalinga, California.