n.io Innovation, a recent Gold Award winner of Dell & Intel's IoT Connect What Matters contest, announced today that it will host a webcast to publicly reveal how the n.io software platform is enabling disruptive agricultural transformation by providing real-time insight, control, and automation.

Topic: n.io Precision Agriculture Demonstration Webinar 
Description: n.io enables the future of agriculture, featuring Deep Sky Vineyard 
Date/Time: Sept. 22, 2016 @ 11am MST 
Event Registration: n.io/ag

Standing in the way of much-needed modernization in the agricultural industry are several limitations in technology—in particular, excessive networking and data collection costs, lack of interoperability amongst disparate technologies, and the exclusion of the farmer's expertise and artistry from the application of technology. The n.io software platform enables a robust and interoperable precision agriculture solution, capable of adapting to a vast array of requirements. This software "central nervous system" of intelligence, control, and automation can process an unlimited array of asynchronous sensors and data to create a fully interoperable agricultural ecosystem. n.io Innovation CEO, Doug Standley, declares, "The societal demand to produce significantly more food while conserving precious water resources is universally acknowledged. Our investment towards applying n.io to precision ag is a call of duty and central to our company's purpose."

The intent of this webcast is to raise awareness about the patented n.io software technology and encourage partnership amongst agriculture investors, technology providers, and the farming community.  

"n.io's ability to seamlessly process data at the edge is the breakout that I've been searching for my entire career. I am pleased to be involved in this innovation and excited to play a part in its advancement to the global farming community." - Deverl Maserang: Senior Agriculture Executive and n.io Innovation Advisor