Syngenta will transfer sales and distribution of alfalfa seed to the NEXGROW branded business that is part of Forage Genetics International (FGI). The name of the alfalfa seed will remain NEXGROW and the portfolio of varieties offered will stay the same. Current NEXGROW seed treatments will also continue to be available.

Beginning at the time of the transition and upon approval from the NEXGROW business, all Syngenta alfalfa dealers and seed advisors will have the opportunity to become dealers of NEXGROW alfalfa seed.

The NEXGROW business will be adding sales personnel to support dealers throughout the transition and beyond.

“The NEXGROW business is committed to developing experienced, knowledgeable field support staff members,” said David Hallberg, brand manager, NEXGROW. “We look forward to continuing to work with alfalfa dealers and seed advisors to satisfy the needs of growers across the country.”

For the past three years, Syngenta has sold alfalfa as a distributor for the NEXGROW brand through FGI. Though Syngenta is exiting the alfalfa seed market, it will maintain a close relationship with the NEXGROW business.