By most accounts, the presidential race is tightening in the week leading up to the election, with Hillary Clinton still the presumed favorite, but with Donald Trump gaining ground.

There is one poll where Donald Trump is the runaway favorite, however. That would be the unscientific (but completely fun) Chia Poll, which tracks the sales of Chia Trump versus Chia Clinton. Trump has a truly “big league” lead, with 77% compared to Clinton’s 23%.

Whatever your political affiliation, Trump truly deserves to win this particular poll. Hillary’s hairdo is perfectly fine, but Donald’s coiffure is one-of-a-kind and practically begs to get the Chia treatment.

If you prefer a third-party candidate, they’re not available; Chia Bernie and Chia Barack are, however. “Elect to grow them all,” as the company quips.

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