If you’ve skirted around the topic of cover crops with your farmer customers, or just haven’t seen an avenue where they made sense for your business, you might want to take another look. Farmers are increasingly evaluating cover crops for their acreage, and you could be a valuable resource to them for agronomic information, services and seed, says Scott Wohltman, CCA, cover crop lead for LaCrosse Seed.

Surveys conducted by the USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program affirm that. Feedback from 1,454 cover crop users who responded to SARE’s 2013-14 survey shows:
•    57% of respondents believe retailers could help farmers adjust their nutrient management plans to account for cover crops
•    56% would like retailers to provide cover crop termination advice and service
•    53% say retailers can help growers assess and understand soil changes resulting from cover crops

During 2017, someone is going to work with your customers who are interested in using cover crops, says Wohltman. In the brief video provided here, he shares four compelling reasons why that someone should be you.