It's red, ripe and crunchy.

It's also genetically modified.

The Arctic Fuji apple has now been granted deregulated status by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

The non-browning fruit is the third such variety from Okanagan Specialty Fruits, based in Summerland, British Columbia, Canada. It joins the Arctic golden and Arctic granny varieties.

Arctic Fuji apples have been found to be "as safe and nutritious as conventional apples," announced the biotechnology company.

“The response to Arctic Fuji apples and our overall platform to deliver direct benefits to consumers has been encouraging,” says Neal Carter, Okanagan Specialty Fruits’ founder and president. “We are confident the positive feedback we have received will translate to the marketplace."

It's not until the apple is cut, bitten or bruised that it shows signs it's not like other apples, and its non-browning benefit becomes apparent.