There is a lot of discussion lately about grain storage and quality. Now, you can tap into a four-part webinar series focused on stored grain IPM in the north-central region. Here are the topics and links to the YouTube videos. 

Part 1: pest insect biology and identification, and basics of IPM

Part 2: pest prevention

Part 3: IPM for stored corn

Part 4: fumigation-decisive control, when needed

Featured speakers include entomology experts like Dr. Tom Phillips (Kansas State), Linda Mason (Purdue), and Frank Arthur (USDA-ARS). I encourage you to take some time and watch the videos to better understand stored pest IPM. It's a free webinar series!

Granary weevil
Granary weevil. Photo by Clemson University, 

Indian meal moth

Indian meal moth adult and larvae. Photo by Clemson University,