The latest summer forecast from MDA Weather Services shows warm temperatures across most of the Midwest, Delta, and Plains this summer, with the hottest temperatures expected to focus on the southern Plains and Delta. “The warm temperatures in the southern Plains and Delta may result in some heat stress on corn and soybeans,” said Don Keeney, Senior Agricultural Meteorologist for MDA Weather Services. Rainfall is expected to be generally below normal across these same areas as well, which would add to the crop stress. However, near normal rainfall is expected across the northern, central, and eastern Midwest. “Some reductions in yield potential are expected in the southwestern fringes of the corn/soybean growing areas, but seasonal rainfall in the key growing areas of the Midwest should prevent significant reductions in the U.S. yield overall,” said Keeney. Meanwhile, dryness in the Northern Plains spring wheat belt should finally begin to ease by mid and late June, as rains are expected to increase at that point.