Mechanic's liens are a part of doing business, especially in trying economic times. These liens apply to various situations in the equipment industry including:

·         Non-payment by a customer for labor or storage of equipment;

·         Liens on land when rented equipment was used to make improvements;

·         Liens on crops when rented equipment was used to plant or process the product produced.

The Equipment Dealers Association (EDA) has scheduled a free webinar, Sept. 28, 12 p.m. central time to help explain the fundamental aspects of mechanic's liens and to assist dealers in developing policies to protect their dealership's interests.   The webinar will be led by EDA's trusted legal partners, Nick Garzia and Carolyn Theis, of Armstrong Teasdale, LLP.

The webinar will:

  • Explain the common steps that a state (by statute) may require a dealer to follow in order to preserve their interest in a piece of equipment which they have repaired or stored for a customer;
  • Explain the different ways that dealerships with rental fleets can secure their interests in either crops or land;
  • Explain the different ways dealerships can protect themselves against mechanic’s liens when expanding or improving their dealership premises.

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