Cibus has launched a new grower program from its SU Canola that includes a volume bonus, contract bonus, loyalty bonus and trip to visit the Cibus headquarters in San Diego. Other promotional opportunities include a partnership with Cargill, offering premium grain contracts to farmers, and 0% financing offered by Cibus’ distribution partner Wilbur-Ellis Company. Cibus representatives will be available to meet with farmers at leading industry events, including the Heartland Ag Showcase and the Northern Ag Expo. 

SU Canola offers so many opportunities to farmers, including high yields and an economical and easy-to-use weed control system,” says Dave Voss, Cibus’ vice president, commercial development. “The bottom line is farmers make more money per acre by planting Cibus brand canola as the hybrids are competitive in yield, the weed control system is efficient and economical, Cibus is offering generous promotions, Cargill is offering premium grower contracts and Wilbur-Ellis through John Deere Financial is offering zero percent financing to qualified customers. Canola growers are really responding to Cibus canola because of the new options and flexibility this system brings them.”

Cibus’ 2017 Grower Program has four key elements:

  • The Volume Bonus: Growers who purchase a minimum of 30 units of Cibus SU Canola seed will receive a $50/bag rebate;
  • The Loyalty Bonus: Growers who have previously purchased Cibus SU Canola seed will receive a $50/bag rebate;
  • The Cargill Contract Bonus: Growers who sign a non-transgenic grain production contract with Cargill will receive a $50/bag rebate;
  • Visit Cibus’ San Diego Headquarters: Growers who purchase and plant a minimum of 50 units of Cibus SU Canola seed will be invited to visit San Diego during January or February, 2018. The San Diego Trip includes two airline tickets, hotel, meals and activities, including a tour of Cibus’ state-of-the-art world headquarters.

Cibus partner program offers include:

  • Wilbur-Ellis in cooperation with John Deere Financial is offering 0% financing to qualified customers for Cibus brand seed orders of $2,500 or more. Offer is through participating Wilbur-Ellis branches, alliances and dealers in North Dakota, Montana and Minnesota.
  • Cargill West Fargo is offering full production premium contracts to growers of SU Canola with an “Act of God” clause. Growers can price production at any time from contract signing to delivery of production. Visit for details.