There are soybean varieties out there that are high in protein, oil and yield. Unfortunately, not all soybean farmers are aware of these varieties. One simple answer is to ask you, their seed dealer, or reference a free resource called the Soybean Quality Toolbox at

The Soybean Quality Toolbox is an online tool from the soy checkoff that shows how commercial soybean varieties performed in test plots across the soybean-producing region of the United States. It lists the varieties’ protein and oil content, along with yield, all of which contribute to how valuable that variety is to soybean farmers and their customers.

“As farmers, we always have to keep our yield in mind,” says Lewis Bainbridge, checkoff farmer-leader. “But if you’re selecting seed and two or three varieties you’re considering have similar yield ability, why not choose the variety with the highest protein and oil levels?

“That can lead to more demand for soybean meal, and higher demand leads to more profitability for us.”

While yield is certainly an important factor for farmers, it shouldn’t be the only factor considered when choosing a variety. Animal ag demands high-quality feed for their poultry and livestock. Soybeans with greater oil and protein content are in more demand.