Upcoming annual meetings of the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) and regional weed science organizations are expected to offer new perspectives on a wide range of issues vital to the future – from how to manage herbicide-resistant weeds to new advances in weed control technologies. 

The WSSA’s annual meeting is scheduled for February 6-9, 2017, in Tucson, Arizona. The wide-ranging agenda includes multiple symposia and workshops. Among the topics are:

  • Precision Agriculture and Weed Science
  • Understanding and Reducing the Impact of Herbicide Off-Site Movement
  • Contributions of USDA ARS Area-Wide Projects to Weed Science Research and Practice
  • Navigating the New Landscape of Federal Funding for Weed Science Research
  • Teaching Undergraduate Weed Science: Strategies to Improve Learning

Additional details and registration information are available online at the Society’s website.

  • North Central Weed Science Society (NCWSS), December 12-15, 2016

NCWSS will convene in Des Moines, Iowa, for its annual meeting.  Further details will be posted soon at www.ncwss.org.

  • Southern Weed Science Society (SWSS), January 23-25, 2017

The SWSS annual meeting is scheduled for Birmingham, Alabama.  Registration information and meeting details will be posted soon at  www.swss.ws.

  • Northeastern Weed Science Society (NEWSS), January 3-6, 2017

NEWSS will hold its annual meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It also will host the second annual Northeastern Plant, Pest and Soils Conference. Details will be posted soon at www.newss.org.

  • Western Society of Weed Science (WSWS), March 13-16, 2017

The WSWS annual meeting will be held in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Details will be posted soon at www.wsweedscience.org.