In 2008, The Andersons acquired a retail footprint in Florida from Douglass Fertilizer, which included three locations: Zellwood, Clewiston, and Lake Placid. In 2011, The Andersons acquired operations located in Immokalee from Immokalee Farmers Supply, Inc.

Today, it was announced The Andersons has sold those farm center facilities to Wedgworth’s Inc.

The intent to sell those assets was first announced earlier in March.

“We believe the sale of these farm centers to Wedgworth’s provides the best solution for the operation of these facilities as well as for employees and customers,” says Bill Wolf, Plant Nutrient Group president. “The Andersons remains committed to its farm center business and will continue to operate its locations in the Eastern Corn Belt.” 

Wedgworth’s Inc. provides custom blended agricultural plant nutrient and is the state’s largest custom fertilizer dealer. The plant in Moore Haven produces 200,000 tons of custom blended fertilizer products per year. The company is headquartered in Belle Glade, Fla.

The Andersons' products will continue to be available to customers in the region through a distribution agreement with Wedgworth's.