The Indian government deferred a decision to renew marketing licenses for three Monsanto seeds and fresh approval for nine others, jeopardizing sales of the transgenic seeds for the sowing season beginning June, a Monsanto official said in an AP report.

The Genetic Engineering Approval Committee, a federal regulator, met Wednesday to discuss applications from Indian partners of the U.S. agribusiness Monsanto Co., seeking renewal of licenses for three existing varieties of seeds and new approval for 11 more.

A Monsanto official reportedly said the committee only approved two varieties of genetically modified cotton seeds, but deferred a decision on others.

The deferment came months after the southern Andhra Pradesh state asked Monsanto to compensate farmers who, it said, lost money by sowing transgenic cotton. Monsanto has disputed the claim.

Monsanto's BT cotton is the only genetically modified crop allowed in India. Monsanto sold 1.3 million packets of BT cotton in 2004.

Source: Yahoo News