Icoria Inc. announced that it has signed an agreement with DuPont Crop Protection to screen a DuPont chemical library to identify compounds that improve crop productivity by increasing nutrient uptake and tolerance to environmental stress. Pursuant to this agreement, Icoria will also make the results of its ChemTraits(TM) screening process available to DuPont Crop Protection for evaluation.

"Through our ChemTraits(TM) program, Icoria is looking for ways to trigger a plant's natural genetic capacity to respond to environmental stress and suboptimal growing conditions," said Keith Davis, Ph.D., Icoria Vice President, Agricultural Biotechnology. "The DuPont Crop Protection agreement is a natural fit with our ongoing ChemTraits(TM) effort and leverages the expertise we have developed in our GeneFunction Factory(R) work aimed at identifying genes that can be used for crop improvement." GeneFunction Factory(R) is Icoria's state-of-the-art phenomics platform integrated with metabolic profiling and gene expression profiling technologies.

Icoria's ChemTraits(TM) approach uses externally applied chemicals rather than genetic engineering to modify a plant's behavior.

Source: Company Release