The Denver based HydroBio, Inc., announced a technology partnership with Crop Tech Solutions of Gothenburg, Neb. Crop Tech provides a cloud-based planning, fertility, and financial management system aimed at consolidating fiscal data for farmers, and HydroBio has satellite-based analytics that provides farmers with actionable irrigation data and scouting information.

Crop Tech now includes HydroBio’s software as part of their service offerings. “Our customers have told us that being able to access multiple data sources is important to them, and we’ve been listening,” said HydroBio CEO Barrett Mooney, Ph.D. “Having a complete set of data from pre-plant through harvest is important for the ability to make day to day decisions.”

HydroBio has its own proprietary algorithm which combines satellite imagery and analytics to provide irrigation management and variable rate irrigation prescriptions, identify pest and sprinkler problems and as well as offer harvest recommendations. Mooney explained that by partnering with Crop Tech, the tools of fertility planning and implementation, financial analytics on inventory, expenses, crop insurance, commodity insights, sales contracts and harvest tracking will pair up with HydroBio. The combination allows Crop Tech to offer its customers a "robust package of precision agriculture services." The combination adds to Crop Tech Solutions' corn products, and the contention is that this will help data-driven farming including saving time and increasing convenience for farmer operations.