Humatech Inc. announces that it has built a new plant adjacent to its existing production facility in Albuquerque, N.M. The new plant will produce the company's Agri-Hume product in granular form, with first orders going to Humatech's European Union distributor, Humatech Ltd.

"We have a long queue of customers who have been waiting patiently for this product," says David Caney, managing director of Humatech Ltd. "It became apparent from customer feedback last year that significant volumes in sales would be possible with a granular product, and that large-scale customers, such as the fertilizer blenders, would also prefer to offer their customers our product in granular form."

Williams said demand for the granular dry product is stronger than expected, which prompted the company to go into production as soon as possible. "We have more to do at the plant, with additional processing and faster, more automated bagging equipment to install in the next few weeks. This will further improve production rates and delivery capabilities for each of our dry product lines," Williams says.

Source: Company Release