The House Agriculture and Rural Development Committee approved HF 1050, sponsored by Rep. Greg Davids (R. Preston) to provide fluid milk to low income children and seniors through the state's Second Harvest food banks.

The bill appropriates $1.25 million for the biennium to the state's six Second Harvest food banks. Funds will be used to purchase fluid milk that will be distributed through the state's network of food banks, food shelves, soup kitchens and shelters. Children make up at least 40% of those who require emergency food while seniors make up 20%. At least 60% of adults who visit food shelves are employed.

Rep. Greg Davids said, "Agriculture is the process of adding value to plant and animal products. Children are the essential resource for our future and good nutrition is essential for their healthy development. Good nutrition is the greatest economic and social value we derive from agriculture. By taking the long view, this initiative will provide milk -- a highly nutritious food -- that will support the healthy development of vulnerable children."

Minnesota's six Second Harvest food banks distribute large volumes of grocery products donated by national and local food companies. Fluid milk is rarely donated but it is the most cost-effective nutritional balance to the donations of shelf-stable carbohydrate and canned products.

Source: PRNewswire