CALGARY, CANADA -- Hemisphere GPS today announced the introduction of Outback(R) BaseLine -- a high-definition global positioning system for agricultural applications.

Hemisphere said its system is more accurate than standard GPS, and more affordable than RTK (real-time kinematic) GPS.

"Outback BaseLine is aimed at the large high-definition market -- including row-crop and controlled-traffic applications -- that welcomes enhanced GPS accuracy" without the high cost of RTK GPS, said Rick Heiniger, president of Hemisphere GPS, a wholly owned subsidiary of CSI Wireless Inc. "It's ideal for many agricultural tasks including planting, seeding, cultivating and harvesting."

Farmers who haven't yet invested in GPS guidance can use one Outback BaseLine unit to replace several sets of mechanical disk markers, usually for less than the cost of a single set. Outback BaseLine will eliminate the time and effort involved in folding and unfolding, greasing and other maintenance of disk markers, while providing better accuracy and performance. It will also function reliably at night when disk markers are difficult to see.

The portable Outback BaseLine features a data transmitter, internal battery and integrated base station that can be set up in two minutes and operated at one or more temporary tripod sites at the edge of a farmer's fields. Several BaseLine Rovers or vehicle-mounted GPS receivers can be serviced using a single Outback BaseLine unit.

Outback Baseline's 5-to-20-centimeter accuracy is available at approximately half the cost of RTK GPS. The product's high performance is due to Hemisphere's exclusive Crescent(TM) GPS technology, including a special receiver module and proprietary chipset.

Outback BaseLine features simple status lights, a battery monitor, recharging via an AC charger, and external power options including cigarette lighters and AC outlets. BaseLine also works well on any continent at any latitude, with no subscription fees. Its COAST software bridges the temporary gaps when signals aren't available.

Outback Baseline is part of Hemisphere's Outback product line that includes the Outback S and new Outback S2 guidance systems -- enabling operators to navigate tractors and other farm machinery in extremely straight rows, to eliminate the skips and dramatically reduce the overlaps that drive up fuel, fertilizer and virtually all other production input costs.

The Outback line also includes the Outback eDrive GPS Automated Steering System, Outback 360 GPS Mapping System and Outback Hitch(TM) GPS Implement Guidance System that ensures implements are precisely where they should be behind tractors.

Hemisphere GPS is the world's largest after-market supplier of GPS products for use in agricultural guidance. Hemisphere is owned by CSI Wireless Inc.

CSI Wireless designs and manufactures innovative, cost-effective, wireless and GPS products for applications in agriculture, marine and other markets. CSI is a leader in several high-growth markets including precision agriculture guidance and desktop cellular telephones.

SOURCE: CSI Wireless Inc. via PR Newswire.