ALEXANDRIA, La. -- Heartland Energy Group Inc. has reserved the domain name for their new Web site,

The site, which is not yet live, will provide a complete trading platform for buyers and sellers of all types of flex fuels which include, but are not limited to, biodiesel, ethanol, hydrogen, methanol, natural gas, propane, coal and alcohol. These flex fuels will be bought and sold on, in an attempt to improve the infrastructure of flex-fuel marketing.

Flexible-fuel vehicles (FFV) or dual-fuel vehicles, also sometimes called only flex-fuel, are automobiles that can typically alternate between two sources of fuel. A common example is a vehicle that can accept gasoline mixed with varying levels of bioethanol (gasohol). Some cars carry a natural gas tank and one can switch from gasoline to gas.

Heartland Energy Group Inc. is a North American-based alternative fuel resource and service company, dedicated to developing the infrastructure for the delivery of ethanol (e85).

SOURCE: Heartland Energy Group via Business Wire.