SAN DIEGO -- Green Star Products Inc. has set up a showcase facility to display its biodiesel processing reactor technology and biodiesel facility design in Chula Vista, Calif.

GSPI set up the showcase facility because it has been approached by more than 100 companies worldwide in the past four months who have expressed the desire to purchase its proprietary reactors and entire biodiesel plants.

GSPI does not offer its plants or reactors for sale. GSPI only enters into joint-venture arrangements with customers who become GSPI's operating partners in each facility.
Due to the proprietary design nature of the technology, the unique reactors and control modules will only be showcased to the media and qualified joint-venture partners who have signed non-disclosure agreements.

Arrangements have been made for customers from around the world to visit the showcase.

The showcase facility was partially funded by GSPI's Asian joint venture partners who have also purchased three GSPI reactors, which are currently being fabricated at GSPI's Glenns Ferry Idaho Facility. GSPI reactors utilize technology that process agricultural oils into biodiesel 10 times faster than known conventional processes and have proven themselves in commercial biodiesel operations for over two years. Each reactor can process 10 million gallons of biodiesel per year.

GSPI also entered into a franchise agreement with De Beers Fuel Limited of South Africa to build 90 reactor units over the next 18 months. The first unit was shipped at the end of 2006.

Green Star Products Inc. is an environmentally friendly company dedicated to creating innovative cost-effective products to improve the quality of life and clean up the environment. Green Star Products and its consortium are involved in the production of renewable clean-burning biodiesel and other products, including lubricants, additives and devices that reduce emissions and improve fuel economy in vehicles, machinery and power plants.

SOURCE: Green Star Products Inc. via Business Wire.