NEW YORK -- GS Energy Corporation has announced its plans to build, own and operate biomass-derived energy facilities co-located at renewable fuel production facilities, specifically facilities with biomass gasification capabilities.

Among the first of GS Energy's planned projects is a site expected to be co-located at an integrated multi-fuels facility in Memphis that GS Energy's sister company, GS AgriFuels, is currently developing.

According to a recent announcement, GS AgriFuels intends to use standard fuel production technologies and a number of proprietary technologies, including innovative pre-treatment, process intensification, gasification, catalytic, and carbon capture technologies, synergistically at small-scales to enable the refining of many forms of biomass into clean fuels, including biodiesel and ethanol.

Importantly, the synthesis gas output of GS AgriFuels' biomass gasifier can be used to generate heat and power with specially designed power generation and heat transfer facilities that GS Energy intends to build, own and operate co-located at GS AgriFuels' facilities.

Combined heat & power

Gas fired generators convert their available energy into electricity and heat. Conventional power plants typically do not capture waste heat and are between 40-percent and 50-percent efficient. Cogeneration, or combined heat and power ("CHP"), facilities capture excess heat and can reach efficiencies of about 90 percent.

In addition to generating power from biomass-derived synthesis gases, GS Energy is designing its first plants to be CHP facilities that will capture the waste heat from the combustion of these gases. The waste thermal energy is expected to be used to generate steam and additional power, or to offset the need for heat in a production process at GS Energy's host site.

GS Energy expects to produce and sell power first to GS Energy's host-sites to offset their consumption needs and then to the grid. Any renewable energy certificates and other emissions credits produced by GS Energy will be marketed through GS Energy's majority-held carbon trading subsidiary, GS Carbon.

GS Energy and GS AgriFuels Corporation are both majority-held subsidiaries of GreenShift Corporation, a company devoted to facilitating the efficient use of natural resources.

GS Energy Corporation is an integrated new energy production company whose mission is to facilitate the more efficient use of traditional sources of energy and the increased production and use of renewable sources of energy.

GS Energy recently announced its plans to take its majority-held carbon trading subsidiary, GS Carbon, public on or before Oct. 1, 2006, by transferring 100 percent of GS Carbon to DirectView, Inc. in return for the issuance by DirectView to GS Energy of about 85 percent of DirectView's issued and outstanding stock.

SOURCE: GS Energy Corporation via Business Wire.