YUMA, ARIZONA - Gowan Company, LLC announces its California registration of Gavel 75DF(R) fungicide, a broad-spectrum protectant fungicide for use on potatoes, tomatoes, grapes, and cucurbits. Gavel offers highly effective and long residual control of key diseases such as late blight and downy mildew.

Gavel contains both zoxamide and mancozeb, each having different modes of action. The two modes of action work synergistically to arrest the development of highly mobile zoospores. Gavel is a contact fungicide that is quickly absorbed into the leaf cuticle for superior rainfastness. It also exhibits vapor action, which helps distribute its protective action over a wider leaf and stem area.

"We are pleased to make this highly effective disease management tool available for California growers," said Oakford Bain, product manager for Gowan Company, LLC.

About Gowan

Gowan Company, based in Yuma, Arizona, USA, is a family-owned registrant and marketer of crop protection products and champions technology for agriculture and horticulture through innovative product development, public advocacy and quality production.

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SOURCE: Gowan Company