CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. -- Global Realty Development Corp. today announced that it has executed a Memorandum of Understanding to acquire United States Sustainable Energy Corp. of Mississippi subject to due diligence and certain events.

U.S. Sustainable Energy comprises a family of patent and patent-pending technologies that focus on the development of green alternative biofuels energy from sustainable biomass sources, such as soybean and corn, and the conversion of waste into alternative energy or other usable products.

USSEC is an international producer of American biofuels solutions through its proprietary and patent pending processes, biofuels products and molecular structure of the biofuels. The company can use many different biomass materials, including corn, rapeseed, jatropha, palm oil. USSEC can also use its biofuels to co-generate electricity, and is dedicated to building biofuels facilities to produce green power.

In states which have a green tag or Renewable Energy Credits program, a green energy provider, such as USSEC, is credited with one green tag for every 1000kWh of electricity it produces. A certifying agency gives each green tag a unique identification number to make sure it doesn't get double-counted. The green energy is then fed into the electrical grid (by mandate), and the accompanying green tag can then be sold on the open market.

Global Realty Development Corp. is an international land development company operating through various real estate development subsidiaries.

SOURCE: Global Realty Development Corp. via PrimeZone.