Genetic ID is now offering the official EU test method for Bt10 maize. This event-specific method replaces the earlier construct-specific method that Genetic ID previously offered.

The new method was provided by Syngenta to the European Union, and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission completed its internal validation of the method late on Friday, April 23. At that time, it placed the method in the public domain by publishing it on its Web site and sending it to Regulatory Labs of the EU Member States, as well as to accredited private laboratories, including Genetic ID.

Genetic ID has now established this method in its laboratories in Europe, Japan, and North America, and is offering it under the scope of its DIN ISO17025 accreditation for GMO testing.

This test, carried out at Genetic ID laboratories, can be used as the legal basis for demonstrating to the Authorities of EU Member States that a particular consignment of product does not contain Bt10 maize or derivatives thereof.

Source: Company Release