TWIN FALLS, Idaho; MADISON, Wis.; and FRESNO, Calif. -- GeneThera, Inc. announced today it is offering discounted Johne's disease tests to all dairy producers.

For the next six months, GeneThera will offer their Real Time PCR test directly to dairymen at the reduced price of only $14.95. The move comes in the wake of recent governmental requests for the reduction of at least 400,000 dairy cattle. The requested reduction in the overall herd size is due to the glut of milk on the market and the continually dropping price the farmers are paid for their milk.

According to an October 2000 article in the Wisconsin State Journal, 10 percent of dairy cows are infected with Johne's disease. USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has published results which indicate herds infected with Johne's disease cost dairymen $227 per head per year.

"In simple terms, if the dairymen clean their herds completely of Mycobacterium paratuberculosis, the bacteria that causes Johne's disease, they ultimately should produce more milk with fewer animals. By removing infected cows from the dairy industry, individual farmers should see an increase in production and margins," said GeneThera CEO, Antonio Milici, MD, PHD.

According to The Times-News, Twin Falls, Idaho, "Dairymen will send a shockwave through the cattle industry within the year, as milk producers begin the removal of an estimated 400,000 cows from dairy herds across the United States. The dairy industry wants to thin herds in order to cut milk production and boost raw milk prices, which have been declining. Thinning herds and the likely closure of some small dairies could have broad economic repercussions for Idaho, the nation's third-largest milk producer with about 556,000 dairy cows, and the Magic Valley, which produces about half of the state's dairy products."

The states most affected by this reduction in dairy cows are Wisconsin, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Idaho.

"Our concern here is both for the dairy industry as a whole, and the American people. It has been proven that Mycobacterium paratuberculosis is not completely eliminated during the pasteurization process, and live cultures survive in the products we eat and drink every day. The only way to be sure we are not ingesting these bacteria is to eliminate them at the source. Currently a link is being made between Mycobacterium paratuberculosis, Crohn's disease, and/or IBS. We want to do our part in protecting the general public. We also want to assist the dairy industry in any way we can to help them through these difficult times."

The company said that its Real Time PCR test is much more accurate and timely than what is commonly available today.
Dairymen and dairy industry representatives are urged to contact GeneThera for complete details on how to obtain their discounted Johne's disease tests. Interested dairymen may contact GeneThera by calling (303) 463-6371.

GeneThera, Inc. is a molecular biotechnology company located in Wheat Ridge, Colo.

SOURCE: GeneThera via Market Wire.