SLATER, Iowa -- There's a new equation at Garst Seed Company: Blue + Yellow = Green.

To highlight the continuing efforts of Garst and Syngenta in conducting research and developing products that will benefit the renewable fuels market, Garst recently launched its Blue + Yellow = Green (BYG) initiative. Blue signifies Garst's leadership in the seed corn industry, while yellow represents kernels of corn bred to enhance ethanol production. Added together, they create green -- the color representing the environmental and earth-friendly renewable fuels such as ethanol, as well as the extra value these fuels can bring to agriculture.

"The BYG initiative is part of our current and long-term efforts to be the leader in innovative seed products that increase the production of renewable fuels in the United States," says David Witherspoon, head of Garst Seed Company. "With BYG, we're planting our flag and confirming our commitment to the ethanol and renewable fuels industry."

To kick off the BYG initiative, Garst is giving its customers the opportunity to win one of 11 grand prizes - fully paid, one-year leases for 11 blue Chevy 1500 Flex Fuel pickup trucks. In addition to the 11 Chevy trucks, customers can also be entered into the drawing for 110 first- place prizes of $100 ethanol certificates.

Growers will have the opportunity to register for the prizes by contacting a Garst sales representative or through attendance at a Garst Seed Company field day and other events. For more information about the BYG Blue Truck promotion, growers should contact their Garst seed dealer.

"Backed by the resources and research of Syngenta, we are working hard to bring new corn amylase traits to the market and to keep the value of ethanol in the hands of America's corn growers," Witherspoon says. "At Garst, we believe renewable fuels will not just reduce this country's dependence on foreign oil, but will also support America's domestic agriculture industry. That's why Garst has made a commitment to provide innovative seed products to make ethanol production more efficient."

The BYG initiative follows on the heels of another big announcement by Garst - its new brand promise, "Changing the Landscape." The new promise is a renewed commitment to provide growers with innovation, choices and high-quality service to help them succeed in today's marketplace.

Garst Seed Company, with headquarters in Slater, Iowa, provides innovative seed solutions for growers across North America with high yielding corn, soybean, sorghum, alfalfa and sunflower products.

Garst Seed Company is affiliated with Syngenta, a world-leading agribusiness committed to sustainable agriculture through innovative research and technology.

SOURCE: Garst Seed Co. news release.