Garst Seed Company has introduced 20 new Garst brand hybrids and eight new Garst brand soybean varieties for the 2006 planting season. These latest products are in addition to the 31 new corn hybrids and 18 new soybean varieties Garst introduced earlier for 2006.

The latest Garst corn products include nine new hybrids with Agrisure traits including two hybrids (Garst brand 8478 CB/LL GT and Garst brand 8827 CB/LL GT) with stacked Agrisure traits for effective weed and pest management control. These new hybrids combine elite germplasm with the Agrisure CB trait for corn borer resistance and the Agrisure GT trait for glyphosate tolerance. In addition, growers will find YieldGard1, Roundup Ready1, LibertyLink2 and CLEARFIELD3 traits in the lineup of new hybrids. These new Garst hybrids cover a wide range of maturities from 78 to 117 general relative maturity (GRM). All Garst hybrids contain elite germplasm that delivers excellent yields and exceptional plant health and standability.

The eight new Garst brand soybean varieties include five varieties that have the Roundup Ready trait, with two of those varieties that offer soybean cyst nematode (SCN) resistance and one that offers SCN and STS4 resistance. There are three new conventional varieties including one with SCN resistance.

In addition, Garst also offers 18 new NK soybean varieties that range from Group 00 through Group 7 maturities. Eleven of the new NK soybean varieties offer the Roundup Ready trait with SCN resistance. One of these varieties offers the Roundup Ready trait with STS resistance.

Source: Ag Professional Weekly