SLATER, Iowa -- In three words, Garst Seed Company says it has summed up its brand promise, its commitment to growers and its future as a trusted, innovative supplier of seed technology and products: "Changing the Landscape."

"Garst's new tagline, 'Changing the Landscape' resonates with what we're all about and where we're going," says Steve Klein, head of marketing for Garst Seed Company. "'Changing the Landscape' describes Garst's mission to be the premier innovator of the seed industry. It's about telling our story. It's about challenging the competition. And it's about challenging ourselves to provide growers with more choices and more value than ever before."

As part of the new brand promise, Garst is making a commitment to provide innovative products and support for the renewable fuels industry. These new products will help the industry as it expands and will help growers tap into the valuable biofuels market.

Syngenta's innovative work advancing germplasm and traits, includes working with corn growers on field trials of a unique, proprietary corn amylase output trait that will increase ethanol production efficiencies and potentially provide more market opportunities for growers. The company is aiming to launch the corn amylase trait to growers in the United States by 2008, pending the achievement of a number of technical, commercial and regulatory milestones.

Garst's ExtraEdge(TM) hybrids target specific end-use markets, including ethanol. Garst currently offers 12 ExtraEdge hybrids that exhibit grain characteristics suitable for dry-grind ethanol production. For the 2007 planting season, Garst expects to have 20 hybrids with this characterization.

To further mark its commitment to the renewable fuels and ethanol industries, Garst recently launched its Blue + Yellow = Green (BYG) initiative. This initiative highlights the continuing efforts of Garst and Syngenta in conducting research and developing products that will benefit the renewable fuels market.

Garst says it has a number of other programs that help the company fulfill its new brand promise of "Changing the Landscape." These range from its Agrisure(TM) traits and AgriEdge(TM) program offerings that provide growers more efficient and profitable solutions to its Garst Gold Plan and True Blue Customers Rewards, programs that provide additional savings for customers through financing and payment options.

"We want Garst to be the No. 1 choice for seed, by always creating the most value for our customers," Klein says. "Garst, backed by the resources and research of Syngenta, can confidently make this bold statement about our brand. We have the investments in trait technology, the innovative products and the knowledgeable sales force to truly change the landscape of agriculture."

Garst Seed Company, with headquarters in Slater, Iowa, provides innovative seed solutions for growers across North America with high yielding corn, soybean, sorghum, alfalfa and sunflower products.

Garst Seed Company is affiliated with Syngenta, a world-leading agribusiness committed to sustainable agriculture through innovative research and technology. The company is a leader in crop protection, and ranks third in the high-value commercial seeds market. Syngenta employs more than 19,000 people in more than 90 countries.

SOURCE: Garst Seed Company news release.