SLATER, Iowa -- Garst Seed Company recently added Garst(R) brand 6417 alfalfa variety to its 2007 lineup.

The company's latest alfalfa advancement delivers outstanding forage yield potential and an excellent disease package, including high resistance to Aphanomyces race 2. This new variety will be available in limited quantity for planting in spring 2007.

6417 is a multi-leaf variety with an outstanding disease rating index (DRI) of 30, which includes high resistance to the six major alfalfa diseases. This variety has a late fall dormancy with an excellent winter hardiness score of 1.3. In addition to its fast recovery after cutting, 6417 is widely adapted and performs well in all the traditional dormant alfalfa markets of much of the United States.

"Garst's alfalfa lineup is working to solve specific, difficult issues, and pests and diseases are always a concern for growers," says Phil Kunz, alfalfa product manager for Garst. "Both pests and diseases can cost growers by reducing yields, lowering quality and reducing stand life. With the introduction of 6417, growers have an excellent option in fighting several costly diseases."

For more details on 6417 or other Garst alfalfa varieties, growers should contact their local sales representative.

Garst Seed Company, with headquarters in Slater, Iowa, provides innovative seed solutions for growers across North America with high yielding corn, soybean, sorghum, alfalfa and sunflower products.

Garst Seed Company is affiliated with Syngenta, a world-leading agribusiness committed to sustainable agriculture through innovative research and technology. The company is a leader in crop protection, and ranks third in the high-value commercial seeds market. Sales in 2006 were approximately $8.1 billion. Syngenta employs around 19,500 people in more than 90 countries.

SOURCE: Garst Seed Company.