The Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) will provide $3.8 million in grants this year to 27 migratory bird conservation projects spread between North and South America. It was also noted that an additional $14.6 million will come from private funding.

FWS Director Dan Ashe was quoted as saying, "These projects continue a long history of collaboration and tie conservation actions together across the diverse habitats where these birds breed, migrate and live."

The program of government and private funding was established in 2000 by the Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act. The goal is to increase and maintain population of more than 380 species of birds. Specifically, such funds allotted to protect, research, monitor and manage bird populations and habitat as well as to conduct law enforcement, community outreach and educational programs.

FWS reported that $3.6 million was provided by the service and $12 million came from private funds last year. This money supported 29 projects run by various nonprofits, schools and governments organizations.

The full list of 2015 grant recipients has not been publicly released, but the FWS noted some example programs. A lot of the funding activity will be directed south of the U.S. border at maintaining habitat reserves for migratory birds.

Since its inception, the migratory bird grant program has directed more than $240 million toward 451 conservation programs in 36 different countries, according to FWS.