Holstein Association USA, Inc., Brattleboro, Vt., announces a new service. Effective March 15, with every transfer recorded by the Holstein Association, the buyer will receive a free three-generation pedigree. The pedigrees, normally a $5 value, will certify the genetics and performance information of Registered Holsteins. The free pedigree will be offered with each regular or family transfer only.

"The Holstein Association offered our members a free three-generation pedigree with each transfer last year for a limited time. It was an overwhelming success, and a service that our members were really excited about," says Peter Cole, executive director of association and processing services. "We chose to re-introduce this program as a continuing part of the outstanding services the Association brings to the dairy industry, and to show our commitment in ensuring the superior genetics of our Holstein breed are not lost."

As alternatives to paper applications, producers can file transfers online at www.holsteinusa.com, take advantage of the transfer application printed on the reverse side of registration certificates of tag ID'd animals or call the Brattleboro office to transfer by telephone. To learn more about this program, or any of the other Holstein Association services, contact your regional representative or the customer service department at 800-952-5200.

Source: Association Release