In an effort to facilitate the rapid dissemination of fungicide evaluations for soybean rust, trial results for control of this disease may now be submitted for publication in Fungicide and Nematicide Tests as early as May 1, 2005. New soybean rust reports will then be published online in real time as they are accepted.

Soybean rust, a highly destructive disease that affects soybean crops, was recently found for the first time in the continental United States.

"It's hoped that by publishing in real time rather than on an annual basis, we can facilitate the flow of information on control of this economically important disease," said Dan Egel, F&N Tests editor-in-chief. "By doing this, we also hope to attract early reports from Brazil and other countries where trials are being conducted. Instructions for these special submissions are now available online so those working on rust may want to take them into consideration when designing this season's trials," Egel said.

F&N Tests is an online publication of The American Phytopathological Society (APS). The purpose of the publication is to facilitate rapid dissemination of information on chemical control of plant diseases in well over 100 field, ornamental, and horticultural crops. In an effort to make real-time soybean rust reports as broadly available as possible, F&N Tests are accessible under 'Resources' to subscribers and partners of the Plant Management Network (PMN) at

Source: Company Release