The first soybean rust in this season's commercial soybeans in Georgia was found in two Washington County fields on Tuesday. This 12th positive Ga. county is the 72nd one in the U.S. this year, joining yesterday's find of rust in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana.

Georgia officials reported in Wednesday afternoon's state commentary that during continued monitoring of kudzu and soybeans in the state, "Soybean rust was confirmed in two commercial fields in Washington County, Georgia, yesterday (26 Sept.). These are the first documented cases of rust in commercial soybeans this growing season in Georgia.

"This county is located west of Burke and Jefferson Counties in east Georgia, 70-80 miles from South Carolina. This find in Washington County came as no surprise, since rust had already been confirmed in Burke County and in South Carolina."

In the first field, 33 of 57 leaflets from the R8 soybeans were moderately infected with rust (20 percent to 25 percent of the leaf surface). These beans are drying down and will be ready for harvest soon, officials said. The second field, on the same farm but late-planted soybeans), had one leaflet of 58 leaflets infected with one rust pustule. Both fields are believed to have been planted with indeterminate beans.

"Details on the planting dates, variety/maturity groups, planting density, etc. will be posted as soon as we get that information," the commentary said.

"Rust development in Georgia seems to be slowed due to the drought that occurred the early part of this summer. With the recent finds in South Carolina and this find in Washington County, everyone still needs to be on alert for rust in our state as well, PARTICULARLY FOR LATE-PLANTED SOYBEANS. Scouting still continues."

In a listserv e-mail this afternoon, University of Georgia pathologist Layla Sconyers said that the spray guidance published Sept. 13 and still up on the Georgia state commentary is still in effect.

Most of the Georgia soybean sentinel plots (MG-IV and MG-VI) are at the R8 growth stage as of 9/27/06, the report said, with commercial soybeans in the state ranging from about R6 to R8 stages.

Louisiana's Pointe Coupee Parish positive for rust

Asian soybean rust was confirmed yesterday morning from soybean leaves collected near Lettsworth in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana officials reported today. Lettsworth is in the extreme northern tip of the parish, which is surrounded by positive parishes Avoyelles, Concordia, Iberville and St. Landry. There are now 17 parishes known to have soybean rust in the state.

This year's rust finds 11 counties ahead of 2005

At this point in the season last year, there were only 61 positive U.S. counties in five states (alpha order): Alabama, 15; Florida, 22; Georgia, 19; South Carolina, three; Mississippi, two. Note none yet last year in Louisiana -- which has the most counties (parishes) with rust so far this year.

The total U.S. count in 2006 today is 72 rust-positive counties and parishes in eight states: Alabama 5; Florida 13; Georgia 12; Louisiana 17; Mississippi two; North Carolina two; South Carolina 16; Texas three.

SOURCE: Georgia and Louisiana commentaries on; archives.