An undisclosed settlement was reached over the weekend in the first lawsuit resulting from the West Fertilizer explosion that happened April 17, 2013, the McLennan County posted on its government website over the weekend.

No details on the settlement were provided by the county. The agreement also does not affect the cases of other petitioners who filed lawsuits two years ago seeking restitution and compensation for the West Fertilizer Co. explosion, reported Sunday.

The first trial was between the families of three of the firefighters killed in the explosion and the local owners of West Fertilizer and the companies that either manufactured or sold fertilizer to West Fertilizer Co. The defendants include El Dorado Chemical Co., CF Industries Sales of Wilmington, Del., CF Industries Holdings, CF Industries Inc., CF Industries Enterprises, CF Industries Nitrogen LLC, all of Deerfield, Ill.; International Chemical Company, of Tulsa, Okla.; and Adair Grain, Inc., of West.

Additional lawsuits were filed by other victims’ families, the city, a nursing home and an apartment complex. Those civil trials are scheduled for later dates.

The plaintiffs in the first group, which was scheduled to begin Oct. 12, were related to Kevin Sanders, 33; William “Buck” Uptmor Jr., 45; and Kenneth Luckey Harris Jr., 52. All were killed in the explosion.

It is estimated that the damage caused by the explosion exceeded $200 million but the West Fertilizer owners had only $1 million in liability coverage. The blast, which occurred on April 17, 2013, killed 15 people, injured more than 170 people and was registered as a small earthquake.

A fire that began in a seed room spread to an area where ammonium nitrate was stored, which then caused the explosion. The State Fire Marshalls’ Office and the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms and Explosives investigated the explosion. Officials were unable to establish a cause of the fire.